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Capturing Creativity, 2023 - Presentation 1 - PRAG-UK: Emboldening, Empowering, Enriching (Prof. Nick Fells)

posted on 2023-11-07, 09:23 authored by Claire DrakeClaire Drake

Presentation 1 from the 'Capturing Creativity, 2023' conference on Monday 18th September, 2023, given by Prof. Nick Fells of PRAG-UK and Glasgow University. Prof. Fells is a composer, performer and sound artist whose research centres on creative and experimental approaches to sound, particularly the use of computer-mediated sound in performance and in electronic and audio-visual art-works. His work combines field and source recording, improvisation and other forms of live performance, computer-based sound processing and sound spatialisation. A central question in his work is how social relations in close collaborative contexts, such as ensemble playing, are transformed through technological practice. Virtually all his research output is in the form of creative practice. Since 2017 he has been on the PRAG-UK steering group having previously championed composition-as-research through the Royal Musical Association, and was a member of sub-panel 33 for REF 2021.

This brief presentation will introduce PRAG-UK, looking at ways it can help embolden and empower both creative practitioners and research managers alike, enriching the UK research picture.

This item contains: MP4 recording of the presentation, powerpoint slides, and audio transcription.


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