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Honouring Esther additional installation media

posted on 2020-06-16, 16:48 authored by Richard S. White

Honouring Esther 2015-17

This item contains additional installation media not linked into the thesis as separate files:

This item: short films made for installation using field recordings, archive and participants' social media from the Somerset UK walks and/or the Lower Saxony, Germany walks. The media was made for installations at the 44AD Gallery in Bath after the Somerset walks (2015) and developed with new content for the 2017 show after retracing the actual route of the death march to Belsen Esther Brunstein survived. The media was intended to be show on a distorting surface creating further folds and pleats in the viewing experience. Some of the items use assets gathered in Somerset 2015, some integrate sequences from these with new material gathered in Germany and some are solely from the walks in Germany. Video is compressed, higher resolution files can be seen here:

Project Outline: The route of a Nazi Death March traced and transposed to Somerset, returned and re-traced in Lower Saxony, Germany. Experimentation with media and juxtaposed registers of walking forms part of Richard White’s investigation of walking art as social justice intervention. Social media. Curated media. Somatic activity.

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Aggregated Social media trails via Social Hiking