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Opera for Web and Mobile Media - 'Fragments', Video Walkthrough

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posted on 23.03.2021, 11:57 by Lee Scott
Digital opera is an emerging music form that reimagines opera as an entirely mediated experience. This creative research contributes developmental practice and theoretical perspectives on an underdeveloped subset: opera for web and mobile media. Component artworks include 'The Village', a web opera (2015) and 'Fragments', a prototype mobile opera (2019).

This item contains an edited video walkthrough of 'Fragments' that offers an indication of how a user may experience the work in a city space. The walkthrough includes clips of video flashback at key points of narrative interest, samples of introspective songs served between flashback locations, excerpts of live and pre-recorded binaural audio, and simulations of app interaction.

Note: 'Fragments Walkthrough' includes binaural sound recordings. Please listen using headphones (avoid earbuds if possible).

- Credits -

Music and Lyrics: Lee Scott
Binaural Recording and Editing: Lee Scott and Yan Lee
Flashback Sound Design: Thomas Volpe
Cinematography: Lee Scott, Kristian Fitsall and Joe Radnedge
Technical Development: Lee Scott