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RCEH Public Lecture Series - Stefan Skrimshire: Eschatological Imagination in an Age of Extinctions

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posted on 2021-08-06, 12:28 authored by Stefan Skrimshire
The Research Centre for the Environmental Humanities (RCEH) at Bath Spa University runs an annual series of public lectures and research seminars, which features a range of speakers from Bath Spa University and other organisations.

This item documents the 12 December 2018 event, featuring speaker Stefan Skrimshire. The title of his talk was Eschatological Imagination in an Age of Extinctions.

It is increasingly recognised that ethical and cultural responses to the prospect that humans have triggered the ‘sixth mass extinction’ are shaped by environmental imagination in various ways: how lost or endangered species are mediated and represented, and how these are related to narratives of future planetary loss, including loss of human life. In this talk I will explore some of the insights that can be gained from theological and philosophical debates about eschatological (‘end-time’) imagination in Christian traditions – thinking particularly of their critical ethical functions in the past and present. Hopefully this can spark broader discussion about the future role of theology and religious studies within the environmental humanities.

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