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Sweet Waters installation film Cloudwater

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posted on 2020-06-16, 16:47 authored by Richard S. White
Short installation film 10.35

The film was made using field footage and social media contributed by walkers. It is intended to be shown in a randomised loop with other Sweet Waters films and projected on uneven walls and distorting surfaces.

Sweet Waters: sense-ing legacies of slave-ownership in Bath and along the River Avon (2016-17)

An eight-day cycle of walks and creative dialogues, walking-with cycles of water, life and trade. Presented as part of the Festival of Nature and Bath Festival Fringe 2017, Sweet Waters sought to reveal reluctant heritage in the UNESCO designated World Heritage Site of Bath (UK) through attending to the legacies of slave-ownership in a city and region where those legacies have been obscured and disregarded. The cycle concluded with an installation, Sweet Waters: Soundings.