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(Dis)enchanted Walking - Honouring Esther, an undisciplined documentary(clip)

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posted on 2021-03-24, 18:27 authored by Richard S. White
Two public walking arts projects, Honouring Esther and Sweet Waters, developing a critical walking arts and media practice bringing past injustices into present consciousness generating contemporary social justice resonances.The live work offers an iteration of walking-with (Sundberg 2014) as a non-confrontational approach attending to obscured and reluctant heritage (Tomory 1997).

This item contains an abbreviated short film offering a brief introduction to the Honouring Esther project and the walking arts approach used in the project and in the installation media. The film began as a linear narrative assembly of the project using field footage in chronological order, folding layers of experience, disrupting and distorting time and memory eventually drew in the making process. The film was never completed to the satisfaction of the maker, this clip is offered from the longer piece as an introductory glimpse of the process.


The Stephen Clarke1957 Charitable Trust

Frome Town Council

Bath Spa University

Crowd Funded-Indiegogo