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2. The Great Margin - The Great Margin Website [Curatorial Output]

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posted on 2021-03-26, 09:38 authored by Bambo SoyinkaBambo Soyinka
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Stemming from research led by Soyinka since 2016, this research ​addressed a lack of inclusive models for collaborative writing. It engaged with a growing body of research seeking to foster empathy and equality within the arts. The summative output,​ The Great Margin,​ is a curatorial project underpinned by two new pedagogical resources: ​Dare to Write? and ​The​ ​Writer’s Cycle.

This item contains the link to the website, which is the output. The site documents both the films collections, Bulletins from the Edge and I Even Dream in Haiku, and includes the Field Notes and Conversations sections.