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Collective Reality - Audio Recording of Collective Reality Installation

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posted on 2021-03-24, 13:37 authored by Joseph Hyde
The material referenced in this item is located externally at the SoundCloud platform website, and can be heard in full by accessing via the provided link.

The audio is 2 hours provided is 2 hours in length.

Collective Reality was an immersive environment delivered through multichannel video and audio, projection mapping and motion tracking, intended to be experienced by large groups in real-time. The work was commissioned by NESTA for their 2016 Futurefest event in London's Tobacco Dock in 2016. A second version of the work, reconfigured for a fulldome environment, was presented at Immersion Experience in the 4-storey Satosphere at Montréal’s Société des Artes Technologiques in 2017.

This item contains audio documentation of the Collective Reality installation, with all sound generated in real time in response to the movements of visitors to the installation.