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Fiction Machines: Further video works - We Must Capture (full film)

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posted on 2021-03-22, 15:36 authored by Charlie TweedCharlie Tweed
The material referenced in this item is located externally at on the Vimeo platform, and can be viewed in full by accessing via the provided link.

Fiction Machines is a multi-component output comprising a body of video art works, a journal article, a curated symposium and a journal special issue. The research considers how media art works can be developed that expose, rewrite and critique the mechanisms of contemporary control technologies from informational and affective perspectives.

This item contains documentation of a further video work that was developed as a result of the initial research. The video, We Must Capture (2018), builds upon the techniques used in Oporavak, appropriating text and image material and inventing hybrid fiction machines.

We must capture
(2018) voices a plan for ‘perfecting the capture of the sphere of cognition’. Voiced by an anonymous collective, the machine voice calmly outlines how it will model and remodel all sorts of environments and capture human sensibility, embedding behavioural automatisms at the deepest levels of perception and desire. The ‘authors’ then identify a method for capturing humans by ‘feeding them what they want’ and here we see people engaged in eating competitions and gorging themselves in vats of liquid food. In the final section the work outlines how they will then scan and adapt these humans into new forms altering their ‘empathetics’ and utilising ‘neuroplasticity’ to change their thought patterns and their cognitive ability, to realise a uniformity of imagination.

This item contains the link to the full film, hosted externally on the Vimeo platform.