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Original Artist Identity in Song - Album Music Videos

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posted on 2021-03-24, 13:24 authored by Davey Ray Moor

The material referenced in this item is located externally on the YouTube platform, and can be viewed in full by accessing via the provided links.

The Innermost Light


Memory is A Weapon

Original Artist Identity in Song examines the variables deployed when constructing public-facing identity in original songs, and the subsequent interaction of artist identity within the market ecology of popular music. The 2017 album, CousteauX, is a case study in the construction of artist identity.

Insights into the inner workings of creative practice arise, and the analytical auto-ethnographic method observes practice for patterns and themes in the songwriting, production and touring phases of the album’s release. This practice develops a model with which to reveal those song variables with bearing on the public impression of the original artist.

The music video for "When the Bloom has Left the Rose", which forms part of this collection, won Best Music Video at The London Independent Film Awards in October 2020.

This item contains music videos (hosted externally on the YouTube platform) for three songs from the album which forms the research output for this project.

Video files courtesy of Davey Ray Moor.

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