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Performance / Exile / Heritage - "One Lost Stone" - Digital Travel Guide & Performance Archive

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posted on 2021-03-24, 20:05 authored by Thomas Kampe

This item contains the website "One Lost Stone" (hosted externally) which forms the research output for this collection.

The material referenced in this item is located externally and can be viewed in full by accessing via the provided link below:

‘Performance / Exile / Heritage’, undertaken in collaboration with Pascal Theatre Company (PTC) (London) and Coburg University (Germany), aims to respond to hidden and reluctant histories of persecution and exile through visual and performative means. It examines historical entanglements at a time when contemporary migration and refuge increasingly put western colonial histories into question, and seeks new affective/embodied modes of remembrance and re-discovery. The output ONE LOST STONE (2020) exemplifies the probing of affective/ embodied and choreo-visual practices in response to the histories of marginalised Jewish communities and heritage in the UK.

Website launch: 05/07/2020

Artistic direction, concept, videos & collages: Thomas Kampe
Assistant Director: Matt Emeny
Textual dramaturgy: Julia Pascal
Compositions & Sound Design: Ronen Kozokaro
Paintings: Anne Sassoon

Actors: Tiran Aakel, Atilla Akinci, Jessica Claire, Norma Cohen, Tiago Gambogi, Max Griffiths, Gillian Harris, Jonathan Hansler, Ags Irwin, Ruth Lass, Fiz Marcus, Jeanette Maykels, Samanatha Pearl and her baby, Pearl Knoop, David Ricardo-Pearce, Miguel Ron, Xavier de Santos, Anna Savva, Delicia Sefiha, Ruth D’Silva, Peter Silverleaf, Roger Sloman, Saria Steyl, Sam de la Torre

One Lost Stone Workshop Performers: Tiran Aakel, Deborah Beale, Rob Bellamy,Jasmine Chiswell, Fraser Clark, Norma Cohen, Caitlin Daly, Seer Dindial, Sam Edwards, Maeve Elmore, Odette Gaba, Isidore Gaba, Anne Goldstein, Jess Hatton, Laura Higgins, Pablo Laguna, Julia Langley, Gabrielle Levy, Fiz Marcus, Billie-Jo Rainbird, Zoe Reeve, Aso Sherabayani, Clare Shinebourne, Ruth D’Silva, Saria Steyl, Astrid Swenson, Mattea Thomas-Gray

Historical Researchers: Stéphane Goldstein, Thomas Kampe, Sally Mijit, Julia Pascal

Web Development: Frog Morris & T. Kampe

Oral History Coordinator: Polly Rogers

Oral History Interviewees: Andrew Abdulezer, Haim Algranati, George Anticoni, Ros Anticoni, Nadia and Ralf Arditti, Raya Brody, Elliot Cohen, Shirley Goodman, Enid Jenshil, Basil Jeuda, Ray Kann, Ronen Kozokardo, Sylvia Manasseh, Maisie Meyer, Alec Nacamuli, Guy Sasson and David Tachauer.

ONE LOST STONE is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and produced by Pascal Theatre Company.

The work is under copyright and may not be used without permission. Use of this repository acknowledges cooperation with its policies and relevant copyright law.


National Lottery Heritage Fund