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SIX - Screen Dance Film - Main Output

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posted on 2021-03-19, 14:46 authored by Chris Lewis-SmithChris Lewis-Smith
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Six is a 5 minute 40 second single-take screendance. It forms part of the research thesis The Dancer and the Looking Glass by Christopher Lewis-Smith in which the author explores the dancer/camera/screen viewer relationship. Filmed in Bristol, England, the film explores this relationship as one in which the camera is an active participant in the choreography. The camera follows the journey of 5 dancers across an urban space and into an art gallery, where they see and react to a large dark sculpture. The camera takes on a human perspective in that it maintains eye level contact with the performers and their surroundings, and moves at the speed of a person, creating the possibility, through the absence of cuts in the edit, of a participant in the action.

This item contains the link to the complete screen dance film.