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Science at the Seaside - Digitisation of Ilfracombe Museum Collection - Ehive (2015)

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posted on 2021-03-10, 18:40 authored by Kyriaki HadjiafxendiKyriaki Hadjiafxendi
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Science at the Seaside is a collaboration between Ilfracombe Museum, Bath Spa University and the University of Exeter, which proposes a new and original understanding of the interlinked growth of popular science and coastal tourism during the Victorian period, with the different outputs producing original insights into the Victorian fascination with natural history.

As part of Science at the Seaside, Ilfracombe Museum digitised circa 2000 items covering items relating to seaside science and the growth of Ilfracombe as a tourist resort in the nineteenth- and early-twentieth centuries. E-Hive is a web-based collection cataloguing system used by many museums to publish their collections online. This was the first time that Ilfracombe Museum had digitised part of its collections and made them publicly available online from January 2015. As of February 2021, there are 3326 items on eHive as the museum has continued to add digitised items from the collection.

As project leads, Hadjiafxendi, Plunkett and the museum curator oversaw the selection of items for digitisation from Ilfracombe Museum archives; the selection was based on research into the collection undertaken for the exhibition and the availability of items relating to the growth of Ilfracombe as a seaside resort in the nineteenth-century.