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Tarrare the Freak - Puppetry Training Videos: 'Objects with Objectives'

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posted on 2021-03-20, 12:39 authored by Laura Purcell-GatesLaura Purcell-Gates
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Tarrare the Freak is a project which negotiates a model of puppetry as a practice-based analytic to deepen understanding of ethical and historical issues within the medical humanities. The piece showcased at the Bristol Festival of Puppetry (Tobacco Factory Theatres, September 2015) and Suspense Festival, London (New Diorama Theatre, November 2015), and toured the UK in 2017 including a 3-week run at Wilton’s Music Hall, London.

This item contains research outputs in the form of Puppetry training videos for applied puppetry practitioners: 'Objects with Objectives' Training Videos.' These include two training videos by Purcell-Gates based on Tarrare workshops, ‘Brown Paper Puppetry and the Celebration of Imperfection’ parts 1 and 2.