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The Book of Hours - British Library Guest Blog (Methods and Process)

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posted on 2021-01-22, 14:26 authored by Lucy EnglishLucy English
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The Book of Hours
is a contemporary re-imagining of a medieval book of hours. These were collections of exquisitely hand-illustrated religious readings and accompanying images. They were created in a handy size so they could be carried by the owner and read on a daily basis. This book of hours is secular but the general mood is contemplative and reflective. The poems can be read individually or as a story of growth and change throughout a year. The project is a combination of a collection of written poems and a film poem project, where each of the poems was made into a poetry film in collaboration with international filmmakers, which resulted in a website where the poetry films can be viewed by the public.

This item documents an externally located guest blog by the researcher about the project, located on the website of the British Library, which details reference materials, inspirations, methods and processes.