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posted on 2021-03-19, 18:49 authored by Silva SemerciyanSilva Semerciyan
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Witches Can’t Be Burned is a practice based research project initiated by Silva Semerciyan Drama Lecturer at Bath Spa University wherein the creation of a playscript became both an instrument and a process for challenging institutional sexism. The play investigated Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and the historical case of the Salem Witch trials through the lens of feminist critical theory to create a diverse narrative which opened up dialogue about the representation of girls and women in so called ‘masterpieces’ It was commissioned by the National Theatre as part of their Connections Festival 2020 in which 19 youth theatre companies across the UK would perform the play.

This item documents the advertisement for the Witches Can't be Burned performance held on the National Theatre website as contextualising material.

PDF capture of the National Theatre website used with permission of the National Theatre.