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Neuroscience for Critical Consumers: a workshop for trainee teachers

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posted on 2019-05-03, 15:08 authored by Kendra McMahonKendra McMahon, Peter EtchellsPeter Etchells

These slides form the central resource of a workshop for trainee teachers. Tutor notes and accompanying resources needed for the workshop are linked below.

These materials aim to give trainee teachers confidence in being able to read, understand, critique and apply relevant research to their teaching, and help to break down communication barriers between teachers and scientific researchers. This will help them support children’s learning and prepare teachers to critically evaluate the claims and packages they may encounter in their future careers.

This resource is an outcome of a wider project: Enhancing the Learning Sciences in Initial Teacher Education. This project aims to deepen our understanding of ideas, values and experiences of trainees and university tutors in relation to the learning sciences in ITE.


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