Doing Together 2023

Posted on 2023-11-06 - 14:35 authored by Conor Wilson


Doing Together: Creative Practice Research Symposium 2023 was a two-day making and sharing practice symposium at Locksbrook Campus, hosted by Bath Spa University’s Centre of Cultural and Creative Industries and Art Research Centre. 

Workshops, delivered by staff and PGR students from across the University, shared practice-based research methods and a broad range of approaches to practice. 

Doing Together is proposed as a generous space to make/do/share and discuss practice with colleagues from a range of different Schools. Throughout the symposium, facilitators - alongside participants - tested out ways of doing together in an effort to make their practice-based research explicit, rather than simply describe it.

Doing Together 2023 was concluded with a plenary session delivered by Dr Emma Cocker (Associate Professor, Nottingham School of Art & Design) who shared her thoughts & findings from the symposium.


Doing Together 2023 (Introduction)

Let's not Beat around the Bush (Victoria Norcross)

What do composers (and other artists) do all day? (James Saunders and Matthew Sergeant)

My Revolution is Working Out (Robert Luzar)

Landscape as Palimpsest (Sally Wetherall)

How We Listen (Taibah Orpin)

FlourishCafe: 'Flourishing through doing' (Eri Mountbatten-O'Malley)

Introduction to Sashiko Mending (Katie Friedlander-Boss)

Play the Street (Conor Wilson)

Locksbrook Football Club, est. 2023 (Jonathan Kelham)

Creating and Using Poetry (Lucy English)

Friends with Benefits (Simone Hesselberg)

The Undoing of an Object (Natasha Kidd)

From left hand to right hand, from my hand to your hand (Clare Day)

Creative Computing Coding Circle (Dave Webb, Coral Manton, Ron Herrema, Samuel John Sturtivant and J. Ponte)

About Making: Keep Chewing the Gum (Jenny Dunseath)

Dirt & Grime and the Second Body (Claire Loder and Charlie Tweed)

Kicking stones ... thinking of image as text - and text as talk (Andrew Southall)

Inflatable Spaces: new dialogues,conversations and functions (Karen Richmond, Jerome Harrington, Ashley Peevnor, and Maja Sobura)

A Visual Conversation - Exploring the Archive (Abigail Hunt)


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