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Demonstrations - Contextualising Information

posted on 2021-03-26, 09:08 authored by Robert LuzarRobert Luzar
Demonstrations is a set of works that combines thirteen online videos, specifically on YouTube, with video documentation of twelve live-art performances that ‘un-work’ the original thirteen online videos. The demonstrations research different kinds of ‘trace’ through combined methods that use body (subjective, communal), DIY performance, scores, video documentation, participation and event; they invoke audiences to do (or try) incomplete works that, inherently, seem un-working, mundane, politically ambiguous, and thus ‘inoperative’.

This item contains the following contextualising information:

1. Skelf Site Exhibition: Demonstrations 1-4 were exhibited as part of an online solo exhibition, Demonstrations, on Skelf Site (, 3 October - 6 November 2016. The exhibition can be viewed via this link.
2. Elastic event poster: a live performance of Demonstration 1 was presented to audience in Oxford, at the live-art event Elastic (6 May 2017), facilitated by the Live Art and Performance group (LAPER), curated by Dr Veronica Cordova de la Rosa and supported by Oxford Brookes University. Poster designed by Common Books. Used with permission.
3. ACTS / RE-ACTS 5 performance schedule and web press: a live performance of Demonstration 7 was presented at Wimbledon Space (UK), for the exhibition Restless Linings and live-art event ACTS / RE-ACTS 5, 1 March 2018. Documents used with permission.
4. Squash & Stretch poster and event programme: a live performance of Demonstration 7 was presented at the live-art event Squash & Stretch, hosted by Live Art and Performance Group (LAPER), at Oxford Brookes University, May 2018. The event was curated by Dr Veronica Cordova de la Rosa and supported by Oxford Brookes University. Poster and event programme designed by Common Books. Used with permission.
5. The LAPER tumbler page can be viewed here.
6. The Squash & Stretch flickr album can be viewed here.
7. Dull event poster and web publicity: the original video for Demonstration 9 was presented as part of the group exhibition Dull, by Sightlines Projects, in Bath (UK), 25 May - 9 June 2019. Documents courtesy of Sightlines Projects. Used with permission.
8. Roja Art Lab poster and event programme: Two videos, 'How to stretch - Demonstration 12' and 'How to evacuate - Demonstration 13', as well as performances of the two Demonstrations, were produced as part of an artist residency at Roja Art Lab, Latvia, in July 2019. Documents courtesy of Roja Art Lab. Used with permission.
9. The Roja Art Lab website can be viewed here.
10. Restless Linings exhibition poster and press release: Demonstration 12 and Demonstration 7 were presented live at the group exhibition Restless Linings, at the artist-led gallery Kosar Contemporary in Bristol, UK, 1 November - 22 November 2019. Documents courtesy of Kosar Contemporary. Used with permission.
11. A list of all Demonstrations (videos and performances).

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