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Fiction Machines: Digital Ecologies Symposium

posted on 2021-03-24, 18:19 authored by Charlie TweedCharlie Tweed
Fiction Machines is a multi-component output comprising a body of video art works, a journal article, a curated symposium and a journal special issue. The research considers how media art works can be developed that expose, rewrite and critique the mechanisms of contemporary control technologies from informational and affective perspectives.

This item contains documentation of the Digital Ecologies II: Fiction Machines symposium which I organised and curated. The symposium took place on: Tuesday 16 July, 2019 at Bath Spa University. The documentation includes the full programme, the conference summary and documentary images of the event.

The symposium consisted of four strands: design fictions, non human fictions, activist fictions and post-truth fictions. It included keynotes from Professor Simon O’Sullivan
(Goldsmiths) and Dr Tony D Sampson (UEL).

Other confirmed participants included:

Ami Clarke, Jennet Thomas, Rod Dickinson, Charlie Tweed, Andy Weir, Harry Meadows, Ada Hao, Ramon Bloomberg, Bjørn erik Haugen, Hugh Frost, Garfield Benjamin, John Wild, Alberto Micali, Maud Craigie, Michelle Atherton, Rebecca Smith, Stephanie Moran and Alex Hogan and Teodora Fartan.

Photos: Charlie Tweed
Used with permission of the attendees.

Symposium catalogue designed by Charlie Tweed.
Used with permission.

Full details of the event are here:

IJMR Fiction Machines: Special Issue (October 2020)

One key outcome from the conference was the development of a special issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research which will be focused on Fiction Machines and co-edited with conference participants Dr Tony David Sampson (UEL) and Dr Andy Weir (Arts University Bournemouth). It will feature articles and practice based portfolio presentations from some of the participants in the symposium and others who responded to the further CFP. Publication date: September 2020.