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Record Player Orchestra: Project Introduction & Development

posted on 2021-03-29, 10:12 authored by Roger ClarkeRoger Clarke
The Record Player Orchestra is an interactive and performative installation exploring the possibilities of collaborative and symbiotic manipulation of sound through physical engagement with a record player, turntable and a bespoke vinyl record.

This item contains a project introduction by Roger Clarke, 3 images of the RPO Vinyl, a video of Abbey Road Mastering, 2 audio files of clips and track lists from side A & B of the RPO Vinyl, 2 full track listings, a poster, and information and guidance for participants.

This item introduces the RPO project, outlining its aims and the key raw materials for the project, which include record Players, turntables and a 25 track bespoke vinyl record mastered at Abbey Road Studios and pressed at the Vinyl Factory. On Side A of the record are 18 single tone frequencies and Side B includes 2 minutes silence, sounds of the record players arm lift and a stylus on vinyl.

Developed in response to an open call, RPO invited multiple participants to consider the record player as an instrument. With no prescribed outcome and all ideas explored, the aim was to create collaborative compositions through a non hierarchical process of improvisation, listening and response. Physical engagement with the record player being key, the project sought to reframe our relationship and activate new narratives of this iconic object through experimental encounter.

Full length version of the Record Player Orchestra Vinyl Record, Side A & B, can be accessed via the following link:

Photography by Roger Clarke.