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Roman Signer's Library of Marvels - Contextualising Information

posted on 2021-03-26, 08:21 authored by Rachel WithersRachel Withers
Library of Marvels is a long-term project based on ongoing conversation with Swiss artist Roman Signer and an exploration of the contents of his extensive personal library. The exhibitions arising from this enquiry re-deploy scanned out-of-copyright images to reflect the artist's omnivorous interests and generate montages that rhyme with the poetic imagery of his works, inviting new perspectives on the artist himself and the resonances of his works.

This item contains the following contextualising information:

1) Pre-publication text for 'Beim Radiosender Beromünster' written by Withers for the publication Roman Signer: Werkubersicht / Works 2002-2018 (Bilingual Edition) (Germany: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 1 Jan. 2019).
2) Exhibition flyer for the St. Gallen iteration of the Library of Marvels exhibition (2020).
3) Withers's proposal for the Omnicolour Artist Award 2020, detailing her plan to create a leporello to raise funds for Book Aid International's campaign to restock the University Library of Mosul, destroyed by ISIS in 2015.

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